See the Stones Live: Visiting Stonehenge from London

Visiting Stonehenge is a must for any London vacation.

Visiting Stonehenge is a must for any London vacation.

Stonehenge is one of the world’s great wonders, and you can easily add a day’s visit during your London vacation.

In England they call the A303 the ‘Highway to the Sun.’ If Blighty has an equivalent to America’s Route 66 this is it – leading road-trippers west from London to a postcard-ready English landscape of meadows, hedgerows, church spires and ancient ruins. That’s great news for you, because visiting Stonehenge from London is a fun and easy must-do for your London vacation.

Welcome to the remarkably beautiful English countryside, an easy day-trip from the bustling capital of London. If you’re traveling on a Virgin Vacations independent tour, just add on excursion which takes you to Windsor (home of world-famous Windsor Castle), the splendid Georgian city of Bath, and up-close and personal with one of the planet’s most famous monuments, Stonehenge.

“The first glimpse often comes from the road,” a National Geographic reporter writes of Stonehenge. “The great-shouldered silhouette is so unmistakably prehistoric that the effect is momentarily of a time warp cracking onto a lost world.”

Experts are fairly certain that Stonehenge’s hulking stones were erected around 3100 BC. They’ve long known that the big stones in the middle, called sarsens or uprights, weigh up to 50 tons, and that the ones they support, known as lintels, weren’t just plonked on top – they were carefully locked into place by what carpenters now call mortise-and-tenon joints. But why? Why-why-why?!

Stonehenge remains a mysterious and beautiful addition to the English countryside.

Stonehenge remains a mysterious and beautiful addition to the English countryside.

No matter how much this extraordinary site is studied and surveyed – the very latest techniques include ground penetrating radar and 3-D laser scanning – the big question remains: what was Stonehenge built for? Bronze Age power statement… burial ground… temple to the sun… astronomical calendar… or, perhaps the last flourish of a dying race of giants, transported by sorcery from Ireland to Salisbury Plain by Merlin himself…?

See for yourself, then decide.

As well as the stones themselves there is now a new state-of-the-art visitor centre featuring a complete human skeleton found at the site (and reputedly older than the circle itself), plus artifacts from jewelry to weaponry.

Windsor Castle and Bath add to a Stonehenge day trip from London.

Windsor Castle and Bath add to a Stonehenge day trip from London.

Visiting Stonehenge with Virgin Vacations couldn’t be easier, more affordable or fun. You can easily add a full-day excursion, including Stonehenge, Bath and Windsor, to any of our London vacations.

This multi-destination excursion is your best bet when traveling from London. Why? It takes about two hours to get from London to Stonehenge. Most vacationers find it just makes sense to add on the extra excitement and historic element of touring Windsor and Bath, making a day of it rather than a half-day. Taking an planned excursion also makes the trip a little more seamless, as with public transit, you’ll find yourself taking a train to Salisbury, and then a bus to Stonehenge.

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A Virgin Vacations tour gives you an insider's tour of London!

A Virgin Vacations tour gives you an insider’s tour of London!

Or, go with a tour-inclusive package such as the 6 Day London, Culture, & Theatre Tour — which includes visiting Stonehenge as well as a show in London’s West End!

The fab thing about all of these independent tours is that they allow you the freedom and flexibility to enjoy your trip at your own pace. You can explore on your own and be spontaneous. It’s all part of our aim to look after you, but still let you be the boss!

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