Visiting Europe’s Most Romantic Cities with Virgin Vacations

Give a better box of chocolates this year. Europe’s most romantic cities are waiting, and it’s time to book now. With dozens of amazing itineraries to whisk you and your sweetheart on a dream vacation through Europe’s most romantic cities, what on earth are you waiting for?

If it’s the sweet romance of chocolates and champagne you’re looking for, Paris forever beckons. The endlessly romantic City of Lights is the centerpiece of our incredible 9-Day France with Loire Valley and Normandy, which includes three nights in Paris and additional nights in Tours and Normandy.

Explore the romantic streetscapes of Paris and find that perfect cafe you'll never forget.

Explore the romantic streetscapes of Paris and find that perfect cafe you’ll never forget.

In addition to the best of Paris, this escorted tour takes you to visit breathtaking landmarks like the island fortress of Mont St. Michel and the lily-pond tranquility of Monet’s Garden. You’ll also enjoy a daily breakfast, plus three included dinners, accompanied by wines chosen with care to complement your experience. It’s a spectacular journey perfect for any landmark celebration — so flip that calendar and circle those special anniversary dates… although really, do you need a reason to visit France besides, you know… visiting France?

Dabble in the arts in Giverny, France, home to Monet's Garden.

Dabble in the arts in Giverny, France, home to Monet’s Garden.

It’s hard to top France for romantic European cities, but Italy somehow manages the job through sheer numbers. In 2015, Travel & Leisure readers voted three Italian cities into the top five most romantic cities in the world. Venice came in first, followed closely by Florence and Rome at numbers four and five, respectively. Good news! We have a tour which covers all three of these stunning cities: the 8-Day Enchanting Italy, with two nights in each city. You’ll cover all the bases, from Michelangelo’s David to a countryside jaunt in Tuscany.

Sky and sea blend in Venice, Italy.

Sky and sea blend in Venice, Italy.

“Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.” – Truman Capote

Looking for something off the beaten path? U.S. News and World Report calls Prague, Vienna and Budapest three of the ten most romantic cities in Europe, and you can explore them all on the 11-Day Crown of Central Europe tour. You’ll also visit Munich and Salzburg on this tour rich with Bavarian charm, medieval fortresses, and the stunning beauty of the Danube River. From lake cruises through cottage-studded hills to the palaces of the Hapsburg emperors, central Europe features some of the most classically beautiful scenery in the world.

Visit Mozart's birthplace and medieval wonders in Salzburg.

Visit Mozart’s birthplace and medieval wonders in Salzburg.

Best of all, we know how to make touring romantic Europe easy! All of our escorted tours come with an English-speaking tour manager who knows the ropes of each destination, eliminating the worries of language barriers, wrong turns, and FOMO* from reading too many travel guides with too many different “must-do’s.”

Start planning your European vacation hereAnd with special add-on tours and events suggested for each trip, you can build your own itinerary, allowing the option for extra immersion in cultural activities — or plenty of downtime to wander and take in the sights on your own.

So indulge your wanderlust with a tour of romantic Europe! With year-round savings for couples embarking on our escorted tours, complete with airfare, you can explore exciting new destinations around the world. We guarantee it’ll go over much bigger than a box of chocolates.

*Fear Of Missing Out – a common condition when planning the itinerary for your big vacation!