How to Take Your Dream Vacation (Without Hours of Research!)

Booking your dream vacation should an incredibly exciting experience! You’re going to hit the button and make it happen, finally visiting places you’ve only dreamed about, or going back to that one special spot that’s been lurking in the back of your mind for years.

Visiting Venice Dream Vacation

Ah – the face you make when you finally explore Venice!

Except… booking a dream vacation can be hard. The average American visits 38 websites before booking travel. Thirty. Eight. Who has that kind of time? With your email box out of control, the breakfast meetings spilling into lunch meetings, the dry cleaning out for so long you’ve forgotten what your favorite outfit even looked like… come on, there’s no way you have the hours to scroll through city guides, museum sites, and a thousand different viewpoints on the perfect itinerary for Rome, or London, or Sydney.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could book your dream vacation with a couple of clicks, instead of thousands? A vacation designed and led by experts — people whose morning meetings consist of figuring out the best way to show you all the wonders of Italy or France.

Simplicity: that’s just the first reason why an escorted tour is the perfect way to book your dream vacation.

There’s no guesswork involved, no hours of research. Instead, just ask yourself a couple of questions:

Where do I want to go?

What do I want to discover?

When do I want to go?

How long do I have?

Let’s say your answers are: Italy, fine art and wine, August, and a week to ten days.

Rome Street Cafe

Sit and stay awhile – there’s plenty of time to relax.

Here’s your trip: Enchanting Italy, with 8 day and longer trips which offer you the best of Italy, with stays in Rome, Venice and Florence; visits to wineries and restaurants in the Tuscan countryside, and access to some of the world’s finest art museums.

There’s even downtime in each city for you to spend exploring at your leisure, or taking optional tours which give you in-depth looks at treasures such as the Uffizi Gallery or the piazzas of Rome.

Simplicity isn’t the only advantage to choosing an escorted tour for your vacation. There’s also the fun of making new friends and sharing experiences with fellow travelers. There’s the security of traveling with local experts who know the destinations inside and out — and the language! And of course, there’s the relaxation that comes with having your own travel guide to show you around… talk about VIP travel!

Taking a selfie on a dream vacation

You’re going to take so many selfies.

No stressing over itineraries. No fussing with hotels in cities you’ve never even seen. No wondering how to get from place to place. It’s the most relaxing way to see your dream destinations you could ever want.

(Plus, with a tour guide around, you’ll have more than just selfies to remember your trip by.)

So go ahead — explore the escorted tours from Virgin Vacations. With expertly crafted itineraries and professional tour guides, we take the guesswork out of the vacation… all you have to do is come ready to explore.