London’s View From The Shard Adds VR Thrills

Gazing over London from 72 stories up too tame for you? London’s The View From The Shard added serious adventure. Now you can slide down London’s highest skyscraper. With Virtual Reality, of course.

Slide down London's tallest skyscraper... why not? London's View From The Shard offers VR thrills. Photo: The View From The Shard

Slide down London’s tallest skyscraper… why not? Photo: The View From The Shard

London’s highest skyscraper already offers incredible views. On clear days, you can see more than forty miles! And since London weather is notorious for quickly shifting skies, they even offer a landmark guarantee in case the view isn’t so spectacular during your initial visit. Now, with the addition of VR headsets and some high-tech wizardry, there’s a lot more to do on the sky-high observation deck than some casual sightseeing.

Ready to go? Hop on your “slide” and get in position! You’ll sway and dip in sync with the incredible views from your headset.

Of course, all this excitement leaves us with a question? Will you be able to concentrate on London’s fantastic sites while you’re hurtling over them at 100 miles per hour? Better get a good look from a standing position while you’re there, just to be safe. The interactive tell:scopes will help you out with that. Aim one of these advanced viewfinders at the city below. You’ll get a digital update on the landmarks in your sights.

Digital Tell:scopes are like personal guides to the city of London. Photo: The View From The Shard

Digital Tell:scopes are like personal guides to the city of London. Photo: The View From The Shard

Maybe take a look before your slide down The Shard, just to be sure you’re steady on your feet.

The hair-raising slide over London isn’t the only VR update to The View From the Shard. After you slide down The Shard, try a tight-rope walk over London.¬†Vertigo¬†tests your nerve with a VR walk along a construction girder. Using body-mapping tech to put your balance on the line, you’ll see London from 800 feet in the air — without all those pesky walls and floors in your way.

Get a glimpse of the VR experience at The View From The Shard and decide if you’ll be giving it a try!

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